Hope for Living

Change someone’s life

Almost 2 million Kenyans are infected with HIV/AIDS.  And 39 million Kenyans are affected by HIV/AIDS –that’s every citizen of Kenya.  Much of the country’s population is resigned to the possibility of contracting HIV/AIDS and to an unavoidable death.  They have little hope.

Most of the 100,000 adults who die each year leave orphaned children.  That adds up to 1.8 million orphans in Kenya. Unless the living conditions and education in Kenya change, the country will lose the next generation to illness, despair and illiteracy.

boysOnLeftWhat is the cost of hope?

For one dollar per day, you can turn around a Kenyan child’s life and offer a life filled with hope.  You can  give him or her an education and a future.

With a one time donation of any amount to Hope for Living, you can also help an HIV+ widowed mother r

eceive necessary food and health care. By helping the HIV+ mothers, you are also helping their children.


Your donation could also save an 11-year-old girl from an early marriage as a second or third wife and provide her with an  education, ensuring a future full of possibilities.  You can help rescue homeless youths from the streets and provide them with food, improved living conditions, counseling and an education.  Or you can help decrease the number of children’s deaths from water-borne illnesses by contributing to a water well drilling project.

Hope for Living is a 501(c)(3) non profit that works to make long term changes in people’s lives in Kenya.  We have programs operating in two of Nairobi’s largest slums: Kibera and Kawangware.  These projects provide holistic care, meeting people’s needs spiritually, physically and emotionally.  Hope for Living’s projects are Child Sponsorships, Street Youth Outreach and HIV/AIDS Support Groups.

Join the mission to serve these needy people and provide them with hope.